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Coming Soon... Version 2.0

We've done some major behind the scenes coding for our upcoming 2.0 release: we've fixed a bug that was preventing MovieCleaner from working on Amazon for some of our users, we've streamlined a lot of things behind the scenes that will make bug fixing in general much smoother and quicker, and we've added some features. More details coming when we release it in the next coming weeks.

MovieCleaner version 1.2

We've pushed out a new update today, version 1.2. This contains various bugfixes, as well as some User Interface changes. A lot of work was done behind the scenes, which, along with the UI changes, sets the stage for some further refinements which you'll see in the forthcoming version 1.3.

We're also implementing a new numbering scheme. Previously users will have noticed small updates with version numbers like 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. Going forward each release will only have two numbers (X.Y) instead of the three (X.Y.Z). The third number will now only be for our internal beta versions

Some things to note: We've seen that there are a some movies on Netflix (specifically the sci-fi series Firefly) where there are two different closed captioning files - one that provides the actual closed captioning information (which is the one that MovieCleaner needs) and another that provides a small amount of other information. This second file is actually the one loaded by default, and MovieCleaner sees no bad words in it, and therefore doesn't think there is anything that needs muting.

During the time it takes for us to implement code to deal with this, there is a temporary workaround: load the video and manually turn on Closed Captioning, then refresh the page in your browser. This forces the actual Closed Captioning file to load and then MovieCleaner will mute things correctly.


Today we officially launched. We pulled off the covering and flipped the switch. Lots of work culminating to this moment.

Early Bird Special

To introduce people to MovieCleaner we are having special Early Bird pricing. For a limited time MovieCleaner will be only $6.99 — cheaper than the price of just one month's worth of subscription to some of the other movie filtering services out there. But with MovieCleaner, it's just the one time payment.

After the introductory period, the price will go up to a one time fee of $8.99

To learn more about the MovieCleaner difference and how we can be such a better deal, read The MovieCleaner Difference

New Features Coming Soon

In addition to automatically muting bad language, MovieCleaner will soon support pre-made filter files, which will be able to black out the screen during objectionable visual content or skip ahead in the movie.

We'll be realeasing some tools that will make it super easy for anyone who wants to make a filter and we'll help curate the best from the community.

Part of submitting a filter to MovieCleaner will be that the filter maker agrees to release it under the terms that others are free to use and adapt it. For the technically inclined this will most likely be "Creative Commons CC0" license — in other words, "No Rights are Reserved" — where everyone is free to use it - even other filtering companies!

When we say we ask for 'people to make filters for the community', we really mean the whole community, not just those who are "current subscribers", like most companies do.

Netflix filtering now functional

MovieCleaner filtering for Netflix is now working and boy are we excited! (The ability to clean out bad langauge on Netflix was why we initially started on this journey.)

Beta Testing Continues

Thanks to the various people who have helped beta test MovieCleaner. Your feedback has been invaluable and we've made a number of changes based on your feedback. We always strive to be as absolutely responsive to our users as we possibly can.

At MovieCleaner we fight for the users.

MovieCleaner Enters Beta

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of MovieCleaner.

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