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How Filtering Works

When video filtering services started becoming popular a number of years back, most worked by making changes to the actual video file itself (whether that video file was online or on a DVD, etc). This process of actually editing the movie itself broke international copyright laws and the services and businesses using this approach went extinct.

The way that filtering is done today by most businesses is quite different. The movie itself is not touched at all. Rather the filter essentially acts like an automated remote control, turning down or muting the volume at just the right moment. So the bad language is still in the movie - like the director had it — just you as a user choose to have your volume turned down when it's said.

There are two main approaches to determine the timing for when to change the volume, fast forward, etc:

Pros and Cons of Dynamic Closed Caption Filters vs. Pre-made filters
Dynamic Filter Pre-Made Filter
You don't have to wait until someone has made one. You can start watching immediately. It has to be made beforehand (either by you or someone else).
  • Mutes out 'chunks' of dialog instead of just the bad words themselves (often times a few words before and after the bad language).
  • Mutes out just the bad words.
  • Does not block out visual content, only audio
  • Blanks out visual content as well as audio

By supporting both methods in the near future, we will allow the precision and greater capabilities of pre-made filters, but still have dynamic language filtering in place for when a premade filter isn't available for the movie you want to watch.

Filters by and for the Community

We are working on some ideas that will make it really easy for anybody to make filters. With these tools we will spearhead a filter making community. Unlike other filtering companies where donated filters become the proprietary property of the filter company, MovieCleaner accepts filters made from community members based on the provision that the filter author release the filter under a "Creative Commons CC0" basis (a “No Rights Reserved” license), meaning anyone can use the filters (even other filtering companies)! When we say we ask for people to make filters for the community, we really mean the whole community, not just those who pay us money.

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