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The MovieCleaner Difference

When other movie filtering companies charge ongoing fees, how can MovieCleaner be a one time upfront cost, and then free from there on out?

MovieCleaner's model is different than other movie filtering companies. Rather than charging on going subscription fees or a fee every time you use our product, we just charge for the initial sotware and then let you use the filtering ability from then on out with no more cost. And, as we enable the use of premade filters in the future, we will release the filters for free also.

No Recurring Fees

But wait, aren't ongoing subscriptions and other recurring fees the dream of every business guru? Yes, such a business model is what business people, and especially the venture capitalists who fund them, love! It means ongoing money streaming in to them.

But when you stop and look at it from the consumer's side, that means ongoing money streaming out of your pockets just to be able to keep using the service. As a consumer, we've never liked that. We like just being able to buy something and then use it. Not pay or lose it! So we designed the MovieCleaner business model the way we would like to use it as a consumer. We hope you like it that way too!

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